Afternoon Program

Looking for a fun and educational program for your 2.5-4 year old to prepare for Junior Kindergarten?


kids drawingWHEN: Tuesday – Thursday 1:00pm-4:00pm
AGES: 2.5 to 4 years
CLASS: Max 10 Children
COST: $270/month

This theme-based program operates Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday afternoons from September through to June for children from 2.5 to 4 years. We operate on the Toronto District School Board schedule in regards to holidays and PD days. Through the provision of both group and individual activities, the children are able to develop early learning at their own pace in a nurturing environment.

ACNS provides a Preschool program that has been developed for pre-school aged children beginning at the age of 2.5-4 years old. This program strives to promote the development of:

Fine Motor Skills – Cutting and gluing paper, puzzles, games and toys, drawing and coloring, painting, musical instruments, sorting objects, finger plays.

Cognitive Skills – Memory games, science experiments, sequencing, books, musical instruments, songs and games, visit police and fire stations, finger plays.

Gross Motor Skills – Safe area for running, jumping, climbing, swinging, sliding, riding bikes, proper use of balls and bean bags, songs and games.

Five Senses – Nature walks, food preparation, cooking and baking, sand and water tables, records and songs, books, musical instruments, arts and crafts, play dough.

Self-Expression and Creativity – Activities involving art, music, language, movement, drama, give choices when appropriate, problem-solving situations.

Independence/Self-Esteem – Allowing children the time to problem solve and complete tasks, giving assistance before the child becomes frustrated, praising children for trying.

Imaginative/Dramatic Play – Play area containing clothes, hats and shoes, uniforms, costumes, mirrors or themes (kitchen, pet store, doctor office)

Safety – Toys and equipment are clean and safe; children learn about water and street safety, hazards in the home, rules on the playground, and when to call 911.

Health – Providing healthy snacks, washing hands, accurate immunization records.

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