Parent Participation


ACNS is a Cooperative Nursery School which means that parents and staff share roles and responsibilities to make the school a success. One of the basic principles of the cooperative philosophy is the concept of sharing ‘cooperatively’. Each member feels responsible to the group through their individual contribution and involvement. We hope that by the end of the school year ACNS parents will also feel that they have benefited significantly.

parents participationWhile Parental commitment is required through Duty Days, monthly Board Meetings, Fundraising events, and fulfilling their designated position or job, this commitment provides several additional benefits for you and your child:

    • The opportunity to observe your child learning amongst peers
    • Enhanced understanding of early childhood education
    • Rich, stimulating, social learning environment for your child
    • Greater family influence over the direction of running the school
    • The opportunity to connect with other families within the neighborhood
    • Reduced fees

duty day parentDUTY DAYS

Parents are required to fulfill approximately 11 Duty Days per year. Depending on the day and season, duties may range from: supervising the children in the classroom and gymnasium, participating in art activities, circle and snack time, hand washing, etc.

Please note that parents cannot bring younger siblings on these days as their responsibilities to the class require their full attention.


Each parent will be required to fulfill one ‘job’ or position on the Parent Board. These jobs include:

Executive Board Positions:

    • President
    • Secretary
    • Registrar
    • Treasurer
    • Fundraising Chairperson

*These five executive positions require additional meetings (approximately 6 throughout the year) and additional responsibilities relating to the school.

Other Positions:

    • parents halloweenSocial Convener
    • Year Book
    • Publicity/Community Outreach
    • Fun Fair Coordinator
    • Fun Fair Volunteer Coordinator
    • Fun Fair Silent Auction #1
    • Fun Fair Silent Auction #2
    • Fun Fair Food Coordinator
    • Easter Event Coordinator
    • Easter Event Assistant #1 (Food)
    • Easter Event Assistant #2 (Entertainment)