The Samko & Miko Fund-raising Program

Samko toy sale

Hi All-

It’s time for the Samko & Miko Fund-raising Program! Its easy and timely! Perfect for Holiday shopping!

Samko & Miko is supporting ACNS by issuing a cheque to our school for 10% of our total sales.  

The program runs November 11 to 22, 2015.

How does it work?!

1. Tell All your Friends and Family to Visit the Samko & Miko Toy Sale between Nov 11 and 22. There are two locations – Etobicoke and Richmond Hill (addresses provided at bottom)

2. Ask the cashier to stamp the receipt @ check out and let them know that they are supporting Alderwood Cooperative Nursery School. * this is a must

3. Ask our Friends and Family to give us the receipt (All items are final sale) by DECEMBER 31ST (prior to school holidays would be great!). **this is also a must!

4. We submit the total of all our receipts (with the original receipts) to Samko & Miko AND the cut us a cheque for 10% of our total sales!

This is an easy way for ACNS to raise funds. Please let everyone you know to stop by Samko & Miko for their Holiday Shopping.

Locations- please check their website for hours of operation.

77 Fima Cres
M8W 3R1

Richmond Hill
60 East Beaver Creek Rd
L4B 1L3

The Fima Cres location is obviously close and convenient!

If you have any questions please text or email me. 416 659 4778.

Now…get shopping!